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Nampula prepares for FACIM 2015

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The province of Nampula is preparing diligently for their participation in the 51st edition of the International Fair of Maputo-FACIM 2015 with the realization of local economic Fair.

Speaking at the opening of the agricultural marketing campaign and VI Edition of th Economic Fair in Nampula, Victor Borges, Governor of the province, said this is aimed at the preparation of the Province of Nampula for their better participation in FACIM 2015, which will take place from July 31st to August 6th in Marracuene, Maputo Province.

"We believe that companies located here are a sure bet in the development of Nampula Province which has set an example of having a potential level of the productive sector," he said. Therefore, Borges adds, "This event will increasingly strengthen partnerships between businessmen and contribute greatly to the achievement of its purposes, they may establish contact and exchanges and supply of various products and services." The Government of Nampula Province, expects to produce in the current agricultural campaign, 2014/015, more than 1,950 000 tons of various products.

Victor Borges said that one of the objectives of the government Mozambique is to promote the production and productivity as well as the marketing, in order to stimulate the production and national trade process.

Borges said that this activity falls within Mozambique government's strategy, particularly the Province of Nampula, under the economic growth and the Nampula strategic plan 2020, which is a guiding instrument and management of the development process of the country.

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