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Dear Exhibitors, Dear Visitors

Welcome to the 53rd edition of the Maputo International Fair - FACIM 2017.

From 28th of August to September 3rd


FEIRA AGRO-PECUÁRIA, COMERCIAL E INDUSTRIAL DE MOÇAMBIQUE , also known as FACIM , the biggest event for the exhibition of products and national potentialities , this year celebrates the 53rd anniversary since its opening , and its 6th year taking place in Ricatla , Marracuene.

As has been the tradition already established as annual and multi-sector fair, FACIM has the power to dedicate a unique space for all economic sectors at national level, hence it has become a privileged meeting place for national and international business communities.

Fair Achievement Objectives
  • Making FACIM a "One Stop Shop", as the highest point of the promotional activities of the country;
  • Identify and/or diversify business opportunities and existing investments in the country and global markets;
  • Establish commercial partnerships, know the market and advances arising from mineral resource discovery; and
  • Promote the companies’ images, products and services through internationalization.
Official Opening Time - August 28, only reserved for exhibitors and convidados.Horário exhibition and visits: Monday to Thursday from 09: 00H 18: 00H; and Friday, Saturday and Sunday - 09: 00H - 19: 00H.

Exhibition and Infrastructure area available. Discovered area - 20,000 sqm; covered area - 33 650 sqm. It has 9 pavilions being: Nachingweia, Matchedje, GwazaMuthini and Chai - which will accommodate the countries and foreign companies; Mozambique and Ricatla - that will accommodate the provinces and national exhibitors; Kongwa - for ministries and public institutions; and Tunduru - which will host the farming sector and further products and agricultural-equipment CEPAGRI

Activities taking place at the event:
  • a) Exporters Day: Will include the awards of the largest exporters and investors
  • b) Mozambican Day: Will consist on awarding the best exhibitors (national and foreign);
  • c) Daily liaison with the press (Companies, DPIC's, Provincial Governments, other entities);
  • d) Thematic seminars;
  • e) Networking and Contacting
  • f) Celebration of the days of the countries, provinces and other achievements; and
  • g) Other achievements.

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Brief History of FACIM – Maputo International Trade Fair.


FACIM is a general trade fair, a privileged meeting point for producers, salespersons, investors, importers, exporters, buyers, etc. The acronym FACIM, means Feira Agro-Pecuaria, Comercial and Industrial of Moçambique.

The main objective of FACIM is the promotion of the commercial activities to stimulate the production, consumption and the economic integration of Mozambique in the world economy. In any trade fair or exhibition, there are three main intervenients: the Organizer, Exhibitors and Visitors.

The Organizer, in this case FACIM, defines the trade fair regulations, schedule dates, timetable, Exhibitors and Visitors profile, etc. In short, it establishes the event rules.

Within the established rules, it’s up to the exhibitors the maximum use of the available space, to publish their products, equipment, machinery, innovations and services.

The Exhibitors use several marketing techniques to divulge their message, such as the simple exhibition of the display cases, making practical demonstrations of the products,

distributing samples, promoting lectures, etc. The success of the Exhibitor depends on several factors, namely, the pavilion or stand quality of decoration in order to attract a larger number of visitors, the amount of established contacts, volume of sales rendered, etc.

How FACIM Started

The 1st edition of FACIM - FEIRA AGRO-PECUÁRIA, COMERCIAL e INDUSTRIAL de MOÇAMBIQUE was inaugurated on July 24, 1964, in the same place that actually occupies. Though, it is important to mention that, in 1951, the site of the area situated between Rua Belmiro Muianga and Nautical School, 25th of September Ave. and 10th of November Ave. housed the Exhibition of the Portuguese World, that marked the visit of the General Oscar Carmona, Portuguese President, to the then Mozambique Overseas Colony.

The buildings that houses the Ministry of Youth and Sports, the Zambi Restaurant and Painter Naguib's Studio, they are the facilities remains used in that fair. FACIM started through a group of Portuguese settlers

initiative linked to varied financial and agricultural interests, with the objective of demonstrating the economical vitality of the then Overseas Province of Mozambique. In 1970 FACIM. - Feira Agro-Pecuária, Commercial and Industrial of Mozambique was admitted as a full member of UFI - Union of the International Fairs, as recognition of the importance of the activities that carried out in the promotion of the economic activities of the area where it is located.

In 1971 FACIM. - INTERNATIONAL FAIR OF LOURENÇO MARQUES started to exist with this denomination in result of its international recognition reached in the previous year, maintaining, however, the acronym FACIM for having already conquered a space in the emerging colonial economy of Mozambique.

In 1978 FACIM registered the largest record of all of times. A total of 403 thousand people visited the showgrounds, witnessing the products of 866 exhibitors distributed by 120 national stands and 40 international pavilions, of which 25 Countries and 15 foreign companies. It occupied a total area of 32.715 square meters.


Description 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016
Countries 19 22 26 31 32
Foreign Companies 526 622 651 680 750
Nacional Companies 1.274 1.398 1.975 2.750 3.010
Total 1.819 2.042 2.651 3.430 3.760
Visitors 60.200 82.000 84.605 92.689 92.689
Grand Total 62.019 84.042 87.256 95.472 100.241

Activities of FACIM - Maputo International Trade Fair


Since the beginning of its foundation, FACIM defined as main objectives: the organization of trade fairs, exhibitions, conferences, and congresses, being able to explore amusement parks, restaurants and other similar activities, as complement of those main ones.

Effectively, throughout its 53 years of existence, FACIM has been able to fulfil its historical mission.

If it is true that from 1964 up to 1974, FACIM promoted the Portuguese settlers economic interests, FACIM 75, known as the Fair of the Independence, was the turning point, to serve the interests of the People's Republic of Mozambique. In it participated, for the first time, representations of countries until

then excluded, such as:
• Algeria,
• Tanzania,
• Ghana,
• Yugoslavia,
• Zambia,
• Soviet Union,
• Nigeria,
• Roménia e
• Pakistan.

TThere were 2000 exhibitors in a total of 16 countries and the number of visitors reached 140 thousand. During the decade of the 80's, FACIM maintained and consolidated its position of one of the main important and biggest trade fair in Southern Africa, at the same time that increased its prestige in the UFI - Union of the International Fairs, an organism with headquarters in Paris,

that congregates 579 fairs and exhibitions, that take place in 137 cities, located in 67 countries, dispersed all over the 5 continents of the world. FACIM. - Maputo International Trade has as slogan “FACIM - the meeting point of the businessmen”, and for sure, it is affirmed as a great display case for the partners that believe and bet in the transformations in course in Mozambique.

Every year, during the months of August and September, countries from of all the continents and with most diversified political, economic and social systems, recognize FACIM, besides being the place that brings together buyers and salesperson’s, also a point of reference about what Mozambique intends to do in the short, medium and long period.



FACIM has as its’s main objective of its activities, the trade fairs, exhibitions and monographic shows, conferences, and may incidentally, and as a complement of those activities, explore amusement parks, restaurants and other similar activities.

In addition to showing the products, services and business opportunities, the fair allows the visitor to contact the partners of the institution. Are small and large companies from almost all industry sectors.

In addition to showing the products, services and business opportunities, the fair allows the visitor to contact the partners of the institution. They are small and large companies from almost all industry sectors.

To display all the contents to the visitor, by facilitating access to information according to their interests, the fair is organized in thematic halls, which can vary.

Most visitors do not go to the fair with the sole purpose of conducting business.

The visitor can also receive lectures and information, in other words, anything that allows him to make the decision of convenience to opening a business. The result is often a proliferation of business according to the economic profile of the institution.

Come and see it by yourself.



Information for the Exhibitors

The new communication channel of Facim to reach the partners.

FACIM is developing an ambitious project that primarily aims to build a platform for communication and interaction with their partners, a more effective means of communication a platform that meets the standing requirements of the activity of Fairs and above all enabling communicate and interact better, in less time, with fewer errors, and consequently a reduction of process costs for the various entities involved. We give you the welcome to myFACIM, whether you are already a Exhibitor or want to become one.

Explore in detail the things you've reserved today, and what we reserved for you tomorrow!




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2nd Edition of the Fair Agro - Livestock and Fisheries. 2015
Under the motto , "Towards a sustainable agriculture and fisheries, contributing to food security and nutrition " , the Ministries of Industry and Trade , through the Institute for Export Promotion - IPEX , in coordination with the Ministries of Agriculture and Food Security and sea , Interior and Fisheries Waters organized from the 16th to 18th of July 2015 in Ricatla - Marracuene , the 2nd edition of the Fair Agro - Livestock and Fisheries.



Business Forum Mozambique – Austria
The Austrian Development Cooperation and Advantage Austria, in coordination with the Confederation of Economic Associations of Mozambique (CTA), the Investment Promotion Centre (CPI), the Directorate of Support to the Private Sector (DASP), the Office for Accelerated Economic Development Areas (GAZEDA), The Institute for the Promotion of Small and Medium Enterprises (IPEME) and the Institute for Export Promotion (IPEX), will organize, on June 17th, 2015, the Business Forum Mozambique - Austria.



Guinea-Bissau largest producer of cashew 'per capita'
The Maputo International Fair FACIM-2015 is already moving and so far 18 countries are registered for exhibition to be held from August 31 to September 6 of this year.

31 a 06


18 countries registered for FACIM 2015
These countries are; South Africa, Zimbabwe, Germany, Brazil, Italy, France, the Kingdom of Spain, Macau, Indonesia, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Turkey and Nordic countries, notably Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark.



Mozambique plans to produce 100,000 tons of cashew nuts
The cashew nut production targeted for the current season 2015/2016 is about 100 tons, exceeding by 20 000 tonnes the amount recorded in the completed campaign this year, said the deputy director of the National Cashew Institute (Incaju).

31 a 06


Nampula prepares for FACIM 2015
The province of Nampula is preparing diligently for their participation in the 51st edition of the International Fair of Maputo-FACIM 2015 with the realization of local economic Fair. Speaking at the opening of the agricultural marketing campaign and VI Edition of th Economic Fair in Nampula, Victor Borges, Governor of the province, said this is aimed at the preparation of the Province of Nampula for their better participation in FACIM 2015, which will take place from July 31st to August 6th in Marracuene, Maputo Province.

31 a 06


Prestigious organs of Social Communication; FAIR OF AGRO-LIVESTOCK, COMMERCIAL AND INDUSTRIAL OF MOZAMBIQUE, also known as FACIM, the largest showcase for the exhibition of products and national potential, this year celebrates the 51st anniversary since its opening, and the 5th year of the Fair in Ricatla, Marracuene.




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Ministério da Indústria e Comércio



Organizational structure of the pavilions in this edition of Facim

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52 years of history,
FACIM 2016


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